The land of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari

Karnataka has produced noble poets and academicians and it accounts for great treasure of Gold, Spices, Sandalwood, Coffee, Areca, paddy, coconut and supplies 60% of the country's silk.The Land blessed with holy rivers Cauveri, Sharavathi, Thungbadra & Ghataprabha, and covered by great western Ghats and Arabian Sea and spread over the deccan plateau.

History of Karnataka

Karnataka has an enthralling history. This state lying in the southern part of India has been under the rule of several dynasties that have shaped its history. It has been invaded by a number of rulers at different points of time in history. Due to the influence of various rulers and dynasties.

Karnataka became enriched with their distinctive culture and values.In the ancient times Karnataka was known as Karunadu which means elevated land or high plateau. The history of Karnataka can be traced back to the prehistoric days.

How to Reach

VIA AIR : With 6 airports, Karnataka is well connected to the other parts of India and rest of the world through the air network. It has airports in Bangalore, Mangalore, Hampi, Hubli, Belgaum, Bijapur and Mysore (not operational). The Mangalore international airport and the HAL airport in Bangalore are the two airports that offer international flights to and fro Karnataka.

VIA TRAIN : Karnataka is also well connected to other parts of the country through a wide rail network. Besides, the state of Karnataka also has an interstate rail network to make commuting easy within Karnataka.

VIA ROAD : Owned by the Government of Karnataka, Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC), connects the state to other major cities and states. Besides, NEKRTC and NWKRTC are the two other road transport corporation in Karnataka, making commuting more easier by making remote areas and other places more accessible through the road network.

Places to Visit

Known as the 'garden city', Bangalore is one of the most upwardly mobile city in Asia. Some of the important tourist destinations in Bangalore are Bull Temple, Sangameswara Temple and so on.


Mysore is the cultural capital. Many Indian arts and crafts were born in this city. Mysore is situated about 139 km away from Bangalore. India's richest silk saris are woven here.


The native name of Coorg is Kodagu and it is located in the slopes of the Western Ghats. The pleasant climate and greenery of the place will compel you to visit the place again and again.