A destination straight out of a sci-fi movie, Dubai is a tourism place that can impress anyone. The futuristic style buildings; the cutting-edge facilities and services; the cultural dynamism; and the deep-rooted Islamic traditions make Dubai a place to be amongst the top sightseeing places in the world.

History of Dubai

Dubai is a paradise for luxury seekers, the city of Emirates is home to some of the finest hotels including the Atlantis and the Burj Al-Arab that redefine luxury in every way. Dubai offers world’s best malls that are replete with international brands catering to the taste of each luxury shopper. Need a cab to drive for sighting the best places to visit in Dubai or in the nearby capital city, Abu Dhabi? You can book from a Volvo to Mercedes as per your choice. Dubai is also a vacation destination for creatures of the night as the city after the dark dresses for some fun time. From dance temples to rooftop terraces and from beach clubs to cocktail caverns and concerts, Dubai travel guide for party animals does not let them get bored.

Places to Visit
Desert Safari

While the number of places around to visit is abundant, the number of activities around in Dubai is just as riveting. The desert safari in Dubai is one of the best you could ever experience around. Exploring the deserts meshing into the abyss is definitely something you just can’t miss out on. This is one of those versatile activities that one can indulge in not just with their friends but also with the entire family without any constraints.

Burj Khalifa

Do we need to say more? Burj Khalifa, the landmark building is on every traveller’s list of tourist places to visit in Dubai. The staggering bird eye views from the 124th floor are an experience of a lifetime, with the desert covering one side and the turquoise blue ocean on the other.

Burj Al Arab

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai is the Burj Al Arab. It is the fourth tallest hotel in the world and the most expensive ‘7-star hotel’ which holds many feats. Burj Al Arab is beautifully lit up in the evening by choreographed lighting and offers a myriad experience of exploring the Dubai attractions.