A paradise on Earth, Switzerland is synonymous to heaven amidst mountains. Made quite popular by movies, Switzerland is everything you have expected out of one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Nestled between Alpes mountains and European countries on all side, Switzerland tourism makes the best use of its natural scenic landscapes.

History of Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the finest places to visit for a vacation and the scenic beauty of the Alpes keep you company for the entire duration of your holiday. Camping and hiking in Switzerland are some of the top things to do. While nature takes the front seat in Switzerland, the lavish ski resorts is also a major tourist attraction in Switzerland. The popular cities of Zurich and Bern also attract tourists who are looking for a luxury Swiss vacation in a serene destination. Check any Switzerland travel guide and it would redirect you to infinite natural spots in the country.

Places to Visit

Interlaken used to be known as a watch making center, but today it’s more popular as a tourist resort. Tourists started coming to Interlaken in the early 1800s to breathe in the mountain air and partake of spa treatments.


Athletes with Olympic aspirations may enjoy a visit to Lausanne, a scenic city that is the second largest on Lake Geneva, as it is home to the International Olympic Committee.

Lake Geneva

One of the largest lakes in Europe, Lake Geneva lies on the course of the Rhone river on the frontier between France and Switzerland.